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  1. How does a virtual office work?
  2. Registration of an office at home, virtual office or maybe a fixed office?
  3. Who uses virtual offices?
  4. Our clients.
  5. The key thing when choosing a virtual office.

A virtual office is an ideal solution for anyone who works from home or remotely, but at the same time needs an address where they can register their business and/or receive correspondence.

If you are planning to set up your own business, you need to remember about having a registered office, i.e. an address where it will be registered. The company can be registered in the flat, but very often this is not profitable, both financially and in terms of image.


How does a virtual office work?

Renting a virtual office you have the possibility to register your company at the address of the virtual office instead of your home. All company mail is directed to the address of the office, whose employees collect letters, official correspondence, and later the same day inform you by email about its collection (especially important in the case of official letters that require a quick response). At your request, correspondence is scanned and sent to you by e-mail. You save time on scanning and you can easily archive all documents on your hard drive and quickly find them in case of an inspection. This is ideal for anyone who is not on site all the time. The letter will be collected and you will avoid the tiresome visits to the post office.

Who is using virtual offices?

Virtual offices attract everyone who works from home or remotely but does not want to be associated with an unprofessional business registered in a flat. Online shop owners, translation agencies, freelancers, start-ups, training companies, marketing companies, IT companies – by boasting a prestigious business address they build trust with clients and contractors.

It is an ideal solution for everyone who is not on location all the time. Every letter will be collected and you will avoid tiresome visits to the post office.

Companies from other cities are increasingly using virtual offices to open a “virtual branch”, thanks to which they acquire customers from the local market. Foreign companies doing business in Poland are also choosing this solution. It is a much cheaper solution than buying an office, equipping it, staffing it, etc. Clients then perceive such a company as “local”, which creates a positive image and makes it easier to establish contact.


Registering a home office, a virtual office or perhaps a fixed office?

A virtual office can significantly reduce the costs of renting a stationary office, with prices starting from PLN 1000 in the least attractive locations on the outskirts of cities, or from PLN 3000 in the centre. It’s a great idea when renting on your own is not an option and you want to build a positive image of your brand. Besides, in the age of electronic life, there are many activities which do not require a permanent place to work. Often, the address at which the company will be officially registered is sufficient.

If you register your company at your home address, you will lose a large portion of your customers right from the start. Believe it or not, a large number of people looking for your services will enter the address of your registered office in a search engine to assess your reliability. Companies with a registered home address are associated with small, unqualified companies or “dummy” companies. A company registered with an office address in the city centre positively influences trust in you, and you can place your business address on your website and any advertising material.

A virtual office and the services it offers can significantly reduce costs, positively influence the perception of a company and significantly improve its functioning.

Our clients:

An IT company moved its headquarters from Gdansk to Pruszcz Gdanski to make it easier to receive funding for its project. In Gdansk the number of applications under consideration was so high that it became unrealistic to obtain the benefit. The IT specialists do their work in the comfort of their homes and do not have to go to Pruszcz – all documents are scanned and sent to them by email.

Adrian is a videographer, he edits commercial splices, marketing videos. By registering his company at the address of the Virtual Office in Gdańsk, the address of which he placed on his website, he is treated by potential clients as a professional film company. Moreover, as his work is mobile and he often travels both in Poland and abroad to fulfil his orders, he is assured that Virtual Office will collect every letter on his behalf and send the scan conveniently to his e-mail address.

A key consideration when choosing a virtual office:

When choosing the right Virtual Office, it is important to choose one with which you will get along best. Sympathetic, helpful people on the other side is in fact the most important issue. Every change of the virtual office, and thus change of the company’s registered office address, results in additional high fees for changing the company’s entry in the National Court Register.






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