Virtual office

Virtual address for your company

If you need a virtual office and at the same time you care about high quality service and fruitful cooperation – we are the right place for you

FROM 39 PLN / mo

Company registration address

Address where you register your company in KRS or CEIDG

correspondence address

Redirect your business correspondence to our office adress

Privacy protection
Signing a contract in minutes

You can sign the contract online or in our office – you decide

Address for marketing purposes

You can use the address on business cards, websites and advertising gadgets

Picking up your correspondence

We are sending your correspondence scanned to your indicated e-mail address

Google Maps


Comprehensive mail service

Handling of incoming correspondence, letters, courier deliveries, official letters. Mail notification of receipt of correspondence on the day of receipt, especially important for receiving official letters, with short response times. Scanning and e-mailing scans at your request. Storage or destruction of letters. You save time on scanning and can easily archive all documents on your hard drive and quickly find them in the event of an inspection.

Boosting Customer and Contractor Trust

A company registered at its home address looks unprofessional. Using Street View, anyone can find the address at which you live. By registering your company at a prestigious address in the city centre, you increase the trust of both customers and clients, which will positively influence the image of your brand and translate into the number of orders you receive.


With us you can arrange everything remotely and sign the contract online in a few minutes. You don’t have to worry about uncollected letters and tiresome visits to the post office – we will collect your letters for you. We will send the collected correspondence to the address you specify once every few months or destroy it at your request – there is no need to personally collect the originals from our office.


A low-cost work space when you don’t have the conditions in your own home or simply work more efficiently away from home.


Renting a regular office is a cost starting from PLN 1200 upwards on the outskirts of cities and even more in the centre. A virtual office is a big saving while retaining all the benefits of having your own office.

Customers will not knock on your door

Eliminate the stress of an unannounced visit from a client who may turn up at your home address at any time. Tax office inspections, bailiff or lawyer visits can surprise you in the comfort of your home.


e biuro wirtualne pruszcz gdanski adres dla firmy




/per month

Mail handling




/per month

Mail handling +
company registration address

What do you gain by choosing us?

A Virtual Office is not only a question of price, but also of the people who will handle your business and correspondence.
Choose those with whom you cooperate at the highest level. Check what they say about us online.